Church Music Director/Organist/Pianist Job Description

First Baptist Church of Bedford

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Church Music Director/Organist/Pianist

First Baptist Church of Bedford

445 Turney Road, Bedford, OH 44146

440-232-0694 –

Job Type – Part time (10/15 hours per week)

Job Description

Purpose of this Position: The Church Music Director is responsible for assisting the church in evaluating, planning and conducting a comprehensive music ministry.
The Music Director will have the ability to play/accompany on the organ and/or piano. The Music Director shall work under the direction of, and coordinate with the Pastor.

The Church

First Baptist Church of Bedford is a diverse community of believers who unite under the Lordship of Christ and needs help to fully realize its potential in a growing and changing surrounding community.
The church recognizes the importance of the laity’s necessary participation to complete the church mission. Likewise, the church members are a part of a greater local community in which it must be a Light of Truth.
The Music Ministry has always played an important role in our worship experience and in our spreading of God’s Word.

Basic Job Description

• Coordinate and potentially expand all Music Ministries of the church.
• Maintain a strong prayer base for the Music Ministry.
• Supervise performance of paid soloist.
• Provide timely reporting and arrange for necessary maintenance upon the sanctuary piano and organ, the hand bell instruments and associated hardware.
• Coordinate the ordering of music for the church choir.
• Serve as a member of the Church Music Committee.
• Coordinate with Pastor to report hymns, offertory, prelude, postlude, anthem and other related music selections to the church office/church secretary for inclusion in the Sunday Church Bulletin.
• Rehearse the choir at least once each week in preparation for their delivery of music for each Sunday Worship Service.
• Conduct the choir in its delivery of music for each Sunday Worship.
• Encourage and coordinate the training and use of instrumentalists and vocalists, in groups or as soloists, for the delivery of music during selected Sunday Worship services.
• Coordinate special music programs (e.g., Christmas, Easter, Christmas concert, caroling) as appropriate.
• In the event the choir is unavailable to perform, the Music Director is responsible for providing alternate performers.
• Insure the proper storage and appropriate security of church sheet music, instruments and associated equipment.
• Perform others duties as may, from time to time, be determined necessary and appropriate to the position of the church Music Director.


• Authentic relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.
• Love and respect for people.
• Attested musical skills and competence.
• Ability to organize, coordinate and motivate musicians.
• Sense of humor, positive attitude, and flexibility.
• Strong team player.
• Committed to the church’s vision, leadership and people.
• Dependable, responsible, self-motivated and creative.
• Bachelor’s degree in music preferred.
• Minimum of 5 years of relevant experience.

Musical Competencies

• Familiarity with a wide range of musical styles
• Ability to lead worship and to develop the musical ability of others.
• Professional quality pianist and organist.